Select SanwoRapid for Your Injection Molding Parts

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Injection molding is used to make plastic parts using two part mold that when closed are injected with melted plastic from individual parts, here's are how is works material gravity inpour into the injection mold machine screw, this place melted by the compressing strength of the screw, and inject it into the mold to form the part or parts then, the mold is quickly cooled letting the parts solidify the mold opens to release the parts and the mold closes again to repeat the cycle over and over again.

Advantage of Injection Molding

Compared with other process method, injection moding offers many advantages, including:

-Injection molding can create simple to complex parts,and it's lower material, lower scrap rate.

-Effiency and speed with injection molding you can reduce your shipping times, you can creat big loads faster, you can reduce the employee cost.

-Sanwo injection molding can show little logos, you can show different design on your product, and it doesn't cost any extra per unit cost to have these extra design features in your product.

-All the molds are you know identical all the products are going to look identical and that is going to give you a very professional look to your product.

-The main advantage of injection molding is mass production.Once the initial cost is paid, the price per unit of the injection molding manufacturing process is extremely low.As more parts are produced, prices will get cheaper and cheaper.

Why is the Production Efficiency of Mold So High?

The whole process can be repeated very fast: the cycle takes about 30 to 90 seconds depending on the size of the part.

Molds are generally CNC machined out of aluminum or tool steel and then finished to the required standard. Apart from the negative of the part, they also have other features, like the runner system that leads the flow of the material into the mold, and internal watercooling channels that aid and speed up the cooling of the part.


Mold has 2 sides: A side and B side.

A side-cosmetic side will be smooth or will have a textured according to your design specifications.

B side-functional side will often have a rougher finish and visible marks from the ejector pins.

At the point where the runner system connected with the part, a small imperfection is usually visible, It’s called the vestige.

If the presence of the vestige is not desirable for aesthetic purposes, then in can also be "hidden" in the B-side of the part.

Select SanwoRapid for Your Injection Molding Parts

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