• Does Sanwo Rapid provide Design Service?
    No, Sanwo do not do design, we only provide the technical support for Prototyping and Manufacturing Services when client already have the 3D and 2D file which needs Design Verification or Production. We can provide the suggestion and solution for the friendly Machining or Manufacturing drawing needs after review upon your orders.
  • What is the CNC Material Options at Sanwo prototyping?

    At Sanwo,

    CNC Machining Plastic will used board material frequently like ABS, PC, ABS+PC BLEND, PMMA, POM, PA, PA+GF, PEI, PEEK, PVC, PS and we can check other material required if you need. 

    CNC Machining Metal we have Aluminum, Brass, Cooper, Magnisum, Zink, Titanium, Alloys Stainless Steel and so on. Sheet metaling material we have Aluminum, Copper, stainless steel and Carbon Steel

  • What Post Finishing Treatments does Sanwo Rapid provide?

    Sanwo Rapid provide:

    Painting and Plating for prototype parts, injection parts and some metal parts; 

    Vapor polish for PC clear part, 

    High gloss clear polish for PMMA lens part; 

    For some metal prototype parts we provide blasting, brushing, anodized, oxidation, powder coating, keronite, blackening, passivation, heat-treatment and so on. And also silk screens, pad printing and laser etching.

  • Is it possible to get a Quote from the Picture?
    Not able to quote according to the picture, for quoattion will need to understand the part size, finish detail, functional ussage, design internal and external, size of the under-cut, Radius, and holes, Hence 3D CAD is needed
  • Is it possible to make the product if I only have the Part Sample at hand?

    For simple structure shells product, yes, Sanwo Provide 3D scanning to get a product file for Prototyping and Samples making, or using Vacuum Casting for the Products Copy. 

    This will depend on the Part Detail, Part Size and Part sample status that customer provide. But it will be better to get the 3D file to avoid the functional and dimension different.

  • What design File Format does Sanwo Rapid prefer?

    For RFQ, 

    3D file in either STEP/STP, X_T, IGS, STL, will be fine. 

    2D drawing will prefer the PDF with the material required, tolerance and main dimensions. 

    For both Prototyping and Production we will prefer STEP file and 2D drawing in PDF with details.

  • What kind of design is CNC Machined friendly and Cost Effective?

    For Functional Plastic prototype, when there is no impact on the assembly, radius on edge, at the root of rib and around any corners will be as big as possbile that will be machining friendly and processing faster. and Appearance Plastic Prototype, parts split and bond if acceptable, will be faster and cheaper.

    For Metal Parts also radius on edge, at the root of rib and around any corners require EDM to do the radius cleanning, which will casue cost raise and lead time last. also design Radius as big as prossible will be frinedly to machining.

  • How long will it take to get a Quotation?

    Any inquiries, Sanwo will reply within 24 hours, 

    For Prototype project, quotation will be sent within the next 24 hours, 

    For Low Volume Manufacturing quotation will be sent within 48 hours, 

    For Injection Molding inquiry, quotation will be sent within 72 hours, unless urgent need.

  • What is the Expected Delivery normally?

    For Rapid Prototype parts:

    Without Post-Finishing Lead Time around 10 days

    With Post-Finishing Lead Time around 14 days. 

    For Rapid Tooling, 

    Solft Tooling Making to T1 Lead Time 20-25 days,  Production Lead Time7-10 days.

    For Mass production Injection Molding,

    Steel Mold making to T1 Lead Time 30-45 Days, Production Lead Time14 days/10k

  • Is the delivery lead time Working Day or Calendar Day?

    Sanwo works 6 days a week excluding Sunday for Rapid Prototyping, and 7 days a week for Production, so Prototype works as work day and it is the calendar day for mass production like Ijection Molding and Die Casting. 

    For all shipping date will avoid Sundays as no shipping express works on Sunday.

  • What is the available processes for Plastic Prototype making at Sanwo

    For Plastic Prototyping, there are many processes can be chosen at Sanwo Rapid, Such as :

    CNC Machining for Cosmetic and Accuracy Prototype, 

    3D Printing and SLA/SLS for design structure verify Prototypes,

    Sheet Plastic Bending for Thin plastic in fixture 

    Vacuum Casting for pre-trial marketing Prototypes and Low Volume.

  • What is the process for Low Volume and Volume Plastic Manufacturing?

    At Sanwo, we provide the Rapid Tooling and Injection Molding For Plastic Mass Production manufacturing; for Solft Plastic, Sanwo also provide Compression Molding service; and for Sheet Plastic, Sanwo provide laser cut and Plastic Bending, as well as Vacuum Formming process Depend on the material, lead time.

  • What is the available processes for Metal Prototype and Production at Sanwo?

    For precision Metal Products and Functional Metal Prototypes in 1 piece to low volume quantities, CNC Machining + EDM, CNC Milling and CNC turning lathe  will always be the best choice; 

    If the product is in complex structure that CNC not able to produce, 3D Printing metal follows as the alternative Option.

    Pipe and section product will use Extrusion; 

    Sheet Metal Laser Cutting , Stamping and Bending supports both prototype and production;

    and Die Casting is the good production way for mass Metal Production.

  • What is the Tolerance Standard that Sanwo Prototype follow?

    Unless otherwise Stated Tolerances are to ISO 2768-1 (F for Machined Metal, M for Machined Plastic, C for Vacuum Casting)

  • What is the Texture and Color Book Sanwo Prototyping follow?
    Texture we have Mold-tech and VDI and Color Book we follow Pantone color C or Ral.
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