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Low volume production or small batch production is an important tooling manufacturing procedure that makes parts/products by making use of low-volume tools such as 3D PrintingVacuum Casting, and also CNC Machining.


3D Printing Used for Low Volume Production

Use 3D printing for low volume production can reduce costs, shorten leading times, and help bring better products to market. Many customers require small batch production, we're your partner to walk you through the steps of the SLS and SLA process.

FDM style 3D printers that have plastic being send through a hot end and extrude it out of a nozzle, and we know SLA that used a resin with a build platform that lowers into the resin and a laser resin in layers as the build platform pulls the model out of the resin.

SLS 3D Printing stands for selective laser sintering and it's where the power source is a laser and the material is a powder usually a Nylon and the laser centers a layer of  nylon powder that layer is then dropped a little bit and another very small layer of powder is brought over and the laser centers it again over and over and over, until you have a part.

So whatever you make is supported by the nylon, you don't have to build any additional supports, this printing process is incredible you got very fine details and make the functional part you need.


Vacuum Casting Used for Low Volume Production

vacuum casting process also named polyurethane casting process, it's fit for the production of low volume manufacturing of injection mold parts with injection mold part quality.

Because the process is carried out under vacuum, it produces high quality products with a smooth surface effect and without any flaw. It ensures a high level of attention to small details in the final product. The final product looks just like the original parts.

At Sanwo a mold of vacuum casting can make up to 30 (or more than 50 in special cases) parts.

The applications of Vacuum casting:

-When you want to test new products before they get into the market, vacuum casting may save cost before the mass production.

-Verify the design, vacuum casting can make your design to actually parts at a low cost, verify its structure and function, easy to make adjustments

-Prototype development

-Small batch production (small batch production)

-Promote new products

CNC Machining Used for Low Volume Production

At Sanwo we can provide you with 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis CNC machining, EDM, laser cutting, etc. Help you achieve a wide range of components from design, rapid prototyping, complex CNC machining projects from small to mass production.

CNC milling use different shaft milling processes to cut plastic and metal materials into final products.CNC turning is the process of machining parts with cylindrical features from metal or plastic stick.

CNC machining is used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, robotics, agriculture and others industry. It also used for medical devices, household products, energy, oil and gas, and other consumer applications.

Most of the inquiry we will make some quote with 24 hours, Don't hesitate to contact our professional engineering team, we will choose the most suitable solution for your project!

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