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Thermoset Plastics Rapid Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting Urethane is the best prototype and production way for the new product engineering test, concept proofing, market testing, Trial production checking, pre-production evaluation and low volume production. With 10 yeas experience in new product development and vacuum casting, Sanwo rapid Urethane Vacuum Casting for low volume production is on a lead of Vacuum Casting techniques in China, we offer a wide variety of branded materials for the urethane casting parts and we support the final product post finish service such as coloring, Matt, Glossy or Plating from start to the end, making sure that the Product from our vacuum casting process lead to a perfect final product.

Common Applications of Vacuum Casting

Urethane Vacuum casting parts no matter for small or big parts, hard plastic to soft rubber parts, or clear effect to opaque Pasts, Sanwo Rapid can accurately match all the design specification, product effect and consistent mechanical properties on accurate part replication. Common Applications of Vacuum casting are benefit from its material property and cost effective process.

1) Medical Device Shells Vacuum casting

Sanwo Rapid manufacturing company provides a complete set of rapid prototyping and manufacturing solutions for medical devices shells and enclosures. Among the many processes, Vacuum Casting is the best solution for the shells and enclosures copies from one prototype to low volume production in Urethane. Device parts from Hand grip model, rubber components, to Device shells and enclosures of Ultrasound machine, Ventilator, Carts, tables and panels, which the parts can be mold out as a single part without splitting and glued, and even over-mold with the waterproof Gasket, to ensure the strength, Function and assembly fitting for the Medical Device shells product.

2) Car Lamps Over-molding

Most of the Car lamp prototypes are made by CNC machining as the PMMA material from CNC is as optical clear as the artworks. At Sanwo, we not only provide CNC machining for appearance Car Lamps and SLA Clear for form fit Car lamps, but also provide Clear Urethane Vacuum casting for low volume requirement, and provide Overmolding for the Car Lamps 2K molding requirement to make the clear lens and opaque lens housing as a single one piece. Either Opaque Housing overmold onto the CNC optical clear lens, or Opaque Housing over-mold onto the Vacuum casting clear Urethane lens, this Urethane Vacuum casting process is a perfect way for the functional and appearance models making.

CNC Machining & Vacuum Casting

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