Basic Knowledge of 3D Printing Nylon

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3D printing nylon material has good impact resistance, high strength, nice toughness, high hardness, excellent dimensional stability, heat resistance at the highest temperature of 140℃-160℃, and fine powder surface. The printed product comes in two colors: black, gray, and white.


Nylon is a kind of white powder. SLS nylon powder material has lightweight, heat resistance, low friction coefficient, and wear resistance characteristics. The powder particle size is small and the model-making precision is high. Sintered parts do not require special post-treatment, that is, they can have high tensile strength. The choice of color is not as wide as PLA and ABS, but it can be selected and colored by means of spray painting, dip-dyeing, and so on. The thermal deformation temperature of the material is 110℃.


Nylon’s Characteristics

sintering temperature - powder melting temperature 180℃; Sintered parts do not require special post-treatment, that is, they can have high tensile strength. And nylon powder sintering rapid molding process, need high preheating temperature, need to protect the atmosphere, and equipment performance requirements are high.


Nylon PA2200

The PA2200 material comprises 100% pure PA12 nylon powder with white color. With a wide range of application areas, the performance of the balance. The powder is spherical with narrow particle size distribution and good leveling property. Laser sintered parts made from PA 2200 with excellent material properties:


1. High strength and stiffness

2. Good chemical resistance

3. Excellent long-term behavior

4. High selectivity and detail parsing

5. Various finishing possibilities (such as metallization, glazing, vibration grinding, bath coloring, bonding, powder painting, flocking)

6. Biocompatible with EN ISO 10993-1 and USP/level VI/121℃

7. Approved for use in food contact 2002/72/EC in accordance with the EU Plastics Directive (exception: high alcohol food)


The typical application of this material is fully functional plastic parts of the highest quality. Because of its excellent mechanical properties, materials are often used in place of typical injection molded plastics. Biocompatibility allows its use such as for prostheses, where high wear resistance enables the connection of movable parts.


Properties have high requirements for the mechanical properties and fracture behavior of the part, especially when the part is to be subjected to multiaxial loads in all three directions of the selected parameter set. Performance components are characterized by maximum isotropic strength and stiffness. The 100-micron thickness results at fine resolution are also a very high choice for surface quality and detail resolution.

Nylon PA3200GF (Nylon + Glass fiber)


Nylon glass fiber powder PA3200 GF is a white polyamide 12 powder filled with glass beads (containing up to 30% glass fiber), which has better rigidity and elongation at break than nylon. Nylon glass fiber material has better impact resistance, high hardness, good strength, better toughness, and heat resistance to the highest temperature of 150℃-170℃, the surface is a fine powder. It is an ideal material with higher hardness requirements.


Material characteristics:

1. High stiffness

2. Wear resistance

3. Improved temperature performance

4. Good heat load capacity

5. Excellent surface quality

6. High dimensional accuracy and detail resolution

7. Good processing.


Application Example:

Full function high-quality rapid prototyping parts Engine parts (direct parts manufacturing), parts requiring high rigidity, high resistance to thermal deformation.


1. Hardshell

2. Wear and tear requirements on parts

3. Parts used under high-temperature conditions

4. For example, the last part in the engine area of a car

5. Deep drawing die

6. Any other application requiring specific stiffness, high thermal deformation temperatures, and low wear.



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