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Sanwo Rapid Manufacturing Co.,Limited is a rapid prototype and rapid manufacturing company Located in Shenzhen, China, covering more than 6000 Square Meters with a Rapid prototype factory, a mass production factory and a post finish factory. We are professional in providing all kinds of rapid prototype and rapid manufacturing services including rapid prototyping, CNC machining Plastic and Metal, sheet metal Fabrication, 3D printing, Vacuum casting, Low volume production, Injection molding and die Casting mass production. We are your processor on one-stop service from your design verification to mass production.

We have the most advanced rapid prototype technology and equipment,sophisticated management and Maintain system, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, experienced engineers and skillful workers, Innovation initiative and efficient service. At Sanwo Rapid manufacturing, we set the quality of the product foremost and we take customer service as our soul and core. Our Enterprise values is to keep improving service level in rapid manufacture , keep innovating in rapid prototyping process and keep satisfying Customer experience as always

Company Development Course

Time line Company Development Course

Group first Domestic Rapid Prototype Manufacturing Factory Register in Baoan Shenzhen,

with 1500 square meters and 10 CNC Machines


Group Prototype Service Company register in HK China,

Expanding the services to SLA/SLS and Vacuum Casting

for Automotive, Medical Device, Robot, Facility to 2500 square meters in Shenzhen


Group Rapid Molding Factory register in Dongguan China

with 1500 square meter

serve for Injection Molding and Die Casting


Rapid Prototype manufacturing Factory move to Guangming, Shenzhen

to expanding the factory 4500 Square meters.

serve CNC machining, sheet metal bending, Vacuum casting, 3D printing.

And own ISO 90001 for quality standard and ISO 13485 for Medical device


Rapid Post Finish Factory Establish in SongGang Shenzhen

for Prototype and Mass Production finishes.


Rapid Molding Factory move to Guangming, Shenzhen

with 2000 Square meters


Subsidiary Production Export Company Register in GuangMing Shenzhen

for Foreign Business

Our Advantage

Cost Effective
Cost Effective
Rapid Response
Rapid Response
Quality Control
Quality Control
Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery
Customer Service
Customer Service

Our Factory

  • 3D Printing Room3D Printing Room
  • CMM InspectionCMM Inspection
  • CNC Machining for MetalCNC Machining for Metal
  • CNC Machining for PlasticCNC Machining for Plastic
  • CNC Machining for prototypeCNC Machining for prototype
  • CNC Machining for ToolingCNC Machining for Tooling
  • CNC Machining for AluminumCNC Machining for Aluminum
  • Compression Molding for SmallCompression Molding for Small
  • Die Casting FacilityDie Casting Facility
  • EDM FinishEDM Finish
  • Injection Machine for BigInjection Machine for Big
  • Inspestion OfficeInspestion Office
  • Laser CuttingLaser Cutting
  • Production ManufactureProduction Manufacture
  • Sheet Metal FabricationSheet Metal Fabrication
  • Sheet MetalSheet Metal
  • Vacuum Casting FacilityVacuum Casting Facility
  • Vacuum CastingVacuum Casting
CNC Machining & Vacuum Casting

Rapid Prototype | 3D Printing | CNC Machining

GB/T19001-2016 /
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
ISO 13485:2016 Certified
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