Precision CNC Machined in Nylon Prototype

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1. Introduction of the Nylon material

Nylon is a common name for a family of synthetic polymers, commonly known as PA polyamide. Nylon (polyamide) is the largest family of engineering plastics and has a wide range of applications. Nylon is usually strong, tough, and wear-resistant.


Nylon 6(PA6) is the most commonly used plastic in the nylon family. It has relatively high chemical and heat resistance and is hard enough to hold its shape, but tough enough not to deform permanently under load.

Two of the most notable use cases for nylon are medical equipment and electronic insulation, particularly screws and spacers for panel mounted circuit boards.


Glass nylon has excellent properties such as high rigidity, high strength, high hardness, high toughness and dimensional stability. This material can be used for components that require mechanical damping or electrical insulation.Common applications include electrical casings, gaskets, medical equipment, and aerospace components.


2. Advantages of Nylon parts

2.1 Excellent abrasion resistance

Excellent abrasion resistance, High elongation, Good resistance to fuels, oils and solvents but is affected by acids and strong bases.


2.2 Nylon is lightweight

Because nylon is a plastic, it is very light to produce. It is said to weigh 1/7 of most traditional materials. This makes it ideal for applications that require strength and strict weight limits.


2.3 Nylon waterproof

Nylon is waterproof. Unlike many other materials, nylon forces water to a surface where it can evaporate. Because it does not retain or absorb water, it is less likely to grow mold or other fungi, saving cleaning costs and time


2.4 Nylon is easy to produce

Nylon is a simple material to produce. It dries quickly and can be pre-colored or dyed to the color of your choice. It also has low moisture absorption. These advantages of nylon make it easy to process and simple to produce


3. Application of Nylon parts

3.1 Plastic fasteners and machine parts

Nylon is used to make plastic machine parts because of its low cost and durability. Because of its non-conductivity and heat resistance, it is often widely used in the electronic industry. Because of its low coefficient of friction, parts made of nylon are commonly used in rotating or sliding mechanisms. Because of its excellent wear resistance, it is used to manufacture bearings in the home appliance industry.


3.2 Coating for Medical Using

Nylon resists many chemicals and withstands sterilization, making it an excellent product for medical devices.


3.3 Substitute for metal

Unlike metal, nylon is cheap and flexible. As a result, nylon is cheaper to make and buy. In addition, because nylon is more flexible than metal, nylon cleaning tools can clean hard-to-reach areas where metal tools are ineffective.


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