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Sanwo rapid manufacturing provides vacuum casting for different production runs. With 10 yeas experience in new product development and vacuum casting, Sanwo rapid Urethane Vacuum Casting for low volume production is on a lead of Vacuum Casting techniques in China, we offer a wide variety of branded materials for the urethane casting parts and we support the final product post finish service such as coloring, Matt, Glossy or Plating from start to the end, making sure that the Product from our vacuum casting process lead to a perfect final product. Recently, we got some quotes of vacuum casting from Australia clients, below are the details:

1. Hi there, Im interested in a quote on two plastic enclosures for an electronic product that we need made. It is a microcontroller and a separate radio module which can be attached /detached for use in Building Management System. We need an initial quote on a production run of just 150 units of both. What i am most interested in is a comparison between the costs associated between a printed production run (either 3D printed or vacuum-casting) compared with injection-molded soft - tooling option. It sounds like your company would be well placed to help us with this decision. I will attach a general assembly drawing and once I hear from you I could share a set of 3D files of both units to help with more detail. Looking forward to hearing from you.

2. this is for an oven. So should be a material that can handle the heat. Not 100% sure the dimensions are all correct so will likely need more than 1 version. Possible? 

3. We are seeking to design and develope a new type of Electricity Generator 

4. Please provide a quote for SLS dye black 100 units 

5. MPB_Bottom, MPB_Top need to be black MPB_Middle needs to be clear All Pieces need to be as tough as possible and UV resistant

6. Hi I am interested in getting about 800 of these products made in PLA at the moment and maybe more in the future. I am think about 600 in black and 200 in white. I would also like an infill of about 75% if that’s possible. They do require some basic supports on the build plate. Would you be able to tell me how much roughly it would cost for this? Could you also give me a rough price if I was to make it out of a recycled filament? Thanks 

vacuum casting

7. These can all be in a family mold except the “diffuser” part. That one will need to be translucent/transparent material (probably clear PC). The others will all be opaque. The material for the housing will probably be a PC/ABS blend. My client is considering initial order quantities in the hundreds, so a tool with an expected life of 10-50K cycles would be plenty. I’m not sure what other questions you might have. Let me know. Kind regards 

8. See attached post sleeve drawing which we require 1 off. Surface finish - not important. Colour - not important. Material - strength is essential (FDM Nylon?) Please let me know if you need any other info. Thanks

9. We are looking for a manufacturer for plastic parts. I think vaccum casting would be the best process for the first parts for now. I will attach a .step file of one of our plastic parts. For our first order we will need 54 pcs because our first series is limited to 50 bikes. Looking forward to hear from you and talk about the components. Kind regards

10. Hello, can I have a quote for 2 units of the attached file, thanks

11. Dear company Sanwo, I would like to have a quote for Vacuum Casting. Please send me a quotation for the quantity of 50/100/200/500. Material I would like to have white material in the direction of ABS with a matte finish. For this I would also need the realization of a master model. Thank you very much and kind regards

12. Hello, We are developing a large product for a client that will need several plastic parts. Before having you quote for the full project and sharing all our files, we would like to get a quote for the main component of the system. Our goal is to find a low-volume production partner who can make us 20 units as cost-efficiently as possible and we are willing to discuss ways to make modifications to the geometry to further reduce costs and timelines. Given we need twenty units to start, we would like you to quote the attached assembly to be made with vacuum casting. Please review the attached .step files and drawings for the parts and assembly and provide us a quote to make 20 units and any recommendations you may have for our approach.

13. Quantity 2000 - 4000 units Dimensions: Hello, 60 mm wide, 85mm tall & 22mm deep at the maximum. 2mm thick walls (approx.) 

14. Looking for 1000 units to be made

Vacuum Casting is the best solution for the shells and enclosures copies from one prototype to low volume production in Urethane. Sanwo supports with vacuum casting service in the fastest delivery. You are welcome to contact us:

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