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Sanwo rapid manufacturing provides vacuum casting for different production runs. With 10 yeas experience in new product development and vacuum casting, Sanwo rapid Urethane Vacuum Casting for low volume production is on a lead of Vacuum Casting techniques in China, we offer a wide variety of branded materials for the urethane casting parts and we support the final product post finish service such as coloring, Matt, Glossy or Plating from start to the end, making sure that the Product from our vacuum casting process lead to a perfect final product. Recently, we got some quotes of vacuum casting from Australia clients, below are the details:

1. Hi there, Im interested in a quote on two plastic enclosures for an electronic product that we need made. It is a microcontroller and a separate radio module which can be attached /detached for use in Building Management System. We need an initial quote on a production run of just 150 units of both. What i am most interested in is a comparison between the costs associated between a printed production run (either 3D printed or vacuum-casting) compared with injection-molded soft - tooling option. It sounds like your company would be well placed to help us with this decision. I will attach a general assembly drawing and once I hear from you I could share a set of 3D files of both units to help with more detail. Looking forward to hearing from you.

vacuum casting

Vacuum Casting is the best solution for the shells and enclosures copies from one prototype to low volume production in Urethane. Sanwo supports with vacuum casting service in the fastest delivery. You are welcome to contact us:

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