Core Aspects of Precision CNC Machining

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At SanwoRapid, we provide precision CNC machining services worldwide. Working with us, you will get the exactprecision CNC machined components made specifically to your demands. No matter small or large lot, SanwoRapid owns in-house advanced equipment and professional teams to ensure our ability of providing quality finished parts and components.

Benefits of Precision CNC Machining

Precision CNC machining can be working with different materials including metals, plastics, and woods.Precision machining is one technology that helps to maintain competitive advantage under the present development time of an ever-expanding global market and innovative technology.


The 5 Notable benefits to choose precision machining in your project:


1. Low Error to No Risk

2. Decrease Material Waste

3. Consistent Product Quality

4. Incredible Speed and Accuracy

5. Rapid Production and Reduced Turnaround Time


What SanwoRapid Excel at Quality CNC Machining

SanwoRapid provides 3-axis and 4-axis maching, but 5-axis CNC machining as well. We have everything needed to produce the custom-made CNC machining parts of metals and plastics for our diverse customer base. With a wide range of CNC milling capacities, SanwoRapid has the expertise to tackle any project and meet the exact specifications. Our CNC machining services include milling, lathing, cutting, and grinding which are assured of finished parts that will exceed your high standard in terms of quality, accuracy and precision.

1. Aerospace CNC Machining

Specifications or details can not be spared when it comes to aerospace machining. Precision CNC aerospace parts are the go-to choice among designers and engineers of aerospace equipment, tools, and structural components. SanwoRapid excels at working with a wide variety of materials, such as aluminum alloys, steel, stainless steel, and titanium, also plastic like PVC, Acetal, PEEK, and PTFE.

2. Defense & Military CNC Machining

The defense and military industry holds an exclusive position in their need for precision machined parts. Those parts need to be high-performance, complex, multidimensional, and using advanced materials to withstand extreme operational conditions. Thus, a quality and trusted CNC machining shop plays an important role when working with the defense and military industries. SanwoRapid manufactures with absolute precision, and has capabilities to handle high mechanical tolerances and difficult projects as well.

3. Medical CNC Machining

Medical CNC machining parts have exceptional requirement of intricate and highly complex. Medical precision machining services at SanwoRapid offer certified workshop environment and quality operation. With our critical machining and assembling capacities, we support custom parts machined for the medical industry. We are the chosen supplier of medical device prototyping around the world.

4. Optical CNC Machining

Optical CNC machining is often applied for lighting effects, or mirror-clear effects. The precision machining of optical components holds detailed requirements for handle something as delicate as a lens but durable enough to long-time protect and use it. Take automotive lighting lamp as an example, which includes lamp lamp lens, light guide, aluminum reflectors, having really specific precision machining requirements in terms of minimum machining radius, and precise surface tolerance. At SanwoRapid, we offer the minimum precision tolerance±0.02mm, and machining radius R0.1mm. Our CNC machining capabilities of optical parts are in high demand across the entire industry in China.

SanwoRapid’s Quality Assurance

Quality is always the top priority at SanwoRapid. As an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company, we act up to the highest quality standards as a CNC machining services supplier. SanwoRapid implements the most stringent quality control system in every detail during operation to reach our customers satisfaction. With the strict QC team, and specific quality inspection equipment, we are capable to perform project work that will exactly exceed customers’ quality expectations.


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