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Aluminum is one amongst the foremost ordinarily used metals within the world as a result of its wonderful strength-to-weight quantitative relation, low cost, and recyclability. Sanwo Rapid offers multiple aluminium alloys.


Our commonplace alloy on platform is 6061, a flexible and easy-to-machine metal. it's corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic, and warmth treatable.

7075 aluminium may be a arduous, high strength different to 6061 aluminium . it's usually used for elements in high-stress applications, and is additionally corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic and warmth treatable.


7050 aluminium may be used rather than 7075 once high stress corrosion resistance is critical (ie. bulkheads and body frames). it's heat treatable and non-magnetic.


2024 aluminium isn't as robust as 7075 aluminium however is often used once a high strength-to-weight quantitative relation is needed. it's heat treatable and non-magnetic.


5052 aluminium is that the best aluminium to weld and is exceptionally corrosion resistant against salt spray and salt water. it's straightforward to make, heat treatable, and non-magnetic.


6063 aluminium is a lot of corrosion resistant and formable than 6061 aluminium. it's not ideal for prime strength applications, however may be used for exterior railings and ornamental trim. it's heat treatable and non-magnetic.


Rapid CNC Aluminum Prototype Machining

Sanwo Rapid provides CNC metal prototypes, steel and plastic components with fast turnarounds. Aluminum and alloy is the most common-used materials.


We offer awiderange of CNC machining services together with CNC milling, CNC routing, and CNC turning. Conjointly as complimentary services wealsooffer surface finishing as well. Such as anodizing, bead blasting, grinding, heat treating, painting and a lot of. (You could take a reference at Post Finishing.)

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