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Acrylic also named PMMA.

General speaking, acrylic parts are 10 times stronger than glass parts of the same size, which helps increase the life of acrylic parts. Acrylic is a transparent plastic material that is very easy to form and has reasonable impact strength.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, acrylic components are also impervious to weather changes and salt spray.

Acrylic is a lightweight, tough and durable thermoplastic. When you compare it to other transparent polymers, it has excellent scratch resistance. Acrylic is very resistant to ultraviolet light. Most CNC acrylics are designed to ensureUV stability. As a result, they can resist prolonged exposure to the sun.

Advantages of Acrylics

1. Excellent durability and high hardness

2. High water, chemical, and weather resistance

3. Very high transparency

4. High tensile strength, good impact strength


Acrylic is Transparent, or Opaque?

It is light and durable, with resistance to chipping, scraping, weathering, ultraviolet light and environmental wear. Acrylic is also biocompatible, so it can safely come into regular contact with humans.

Yes! In fact, many sources say acrylic is transparent, but that's just one possibility. In its natural state, acrylic is indeed transparent and exhibits glass-like qualities, such as optical clarity and brightness. However, acrylics are available in a variety of colors (regular, soft, fluorescent, rainbow) through different additives, all of which can be offered in transparent, translucent and opaque forms.

All common machining operations can be used, including cutting, turning, milling, drilling and grinding.


Application of Acrylic Products

Glass substitute

Due to its excellent transparency, this material is commonly used as a glass substitute in various automotive, aerospace and optical industries. In the automotive industry, PMMA is mainly used to develop headlights with complex geometric shapes. It is also used to make high-quality eyeglass lenses.

Rapid prototyping

Acrylic is also widely used to develop prototypes due to its affordability and sustainability. Various manufacturing industries are using acrylic for rapid prototyping through reduction processing methods.

Consumer products

Widely used in electronics, furniture, Musical Instruments and other consumer products. CDS and DVDS are also made of acrylic.

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