Advanced Developing Metal Laser Cutting Technology

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Laser cutting technology is widely used in rail transit, shipbuilding, automobile, construction machinery and many other machinery manufacturing and processing industries. With laser cutting machine on the material of flexible cutting advantages, many industries save the time and cost of die, improve accuracy, andreduce waste.


Advanced Technology Brings New Development

In addition to the improvement of efficiency, intelligent processing capacity is also indispensable to modern equipment. For example, the vision system can replace manual, complete such as defect detection, workpiece positioning, cutting and other operations, so as to achieve intelligent control of equipment. In the whole process, all data processing, such as image acquisition, position calculation, and edge detection, will be handed to the CNC system to complete. Thisvisionsystem will determine whether the workpiece meets the processing standards in real time, if not, the system will automatically reprocess according to the process.


More computing power doesn't just improve the performance of visual systems at present.Because the CNC system takes full advantage of Intel ® processors -- high performance and high real-time response characteristics; Therefore, the system can use all digital industrial  instead of analog pulse scheme. In this way, in the traditional solution, the load scattered across the low-end controller is integrated into the same high performance controller.


This integration means a reduction in space footprint and, more importantly, a reduction in system and environment complexity. As a typical line-of-sight approach to industrial automation, this integration can help manufacturers reduce capital expenditures (CapEx) while reducing operational expenditures (OpEx) by increasing efficiency, simplifying operations, and improving maintenance and end-of-life service support for machines.


For laser cutting equipment, this change, not only comprehensively optimize the overall process and operation interface, but also greatly improve the processing efficiency of the equipment.


More and more manufacturing companies have realized the value of data. Some companies want to be able to easily access data from laser cutting equipment, or to make the equipment fully interconnected and data interaction.


By introducing Intel products and technology, Clan Intelligence has also made this accessible.


With a high degree of openness to data, today's CNC system of Big Family Intelligence Control can support external devices and third-party software, obtain all kinds of data conveniently and quickly from the system, and realize the interconnection and data interaction of devices conveniently. And these features, to meet the construction and application needs of the manufacturing industry to the Internet of things and cloud services, obviously better.

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