Main Factors that Easily Cause Parts Deformation in Machining

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During the machining process, the parts is easily deformed due to various machining errors or other processing personnel's not right operations. This problem is difficult to solve. First of all, we must determine the specific cause of the deformation, and then take measures to deal with it. Therefore, what are the main factors that easily cause parts deformation during machining?


Parts Deformation Caused by Parts Clamping

The clamping of the parts is easy to cause the deformation of the parts. In order to avoid this deformation, it is necessary to select the appropriate clamping point, and then select the appropriate clamping force according to the position of the clamping point. Therefore, the clamping point and support point of the parts should be kept as far as possible, so that the clamping force acts on the support and the clamping point is closer to the processing surface, so that it is not easy to cause deformation.


When the clamping force acts on the parts, the order of the clamping force should be considered and the clamping force should not be too large. In order to balance the cutting force, the clamping force should be applied at the end. It is also necessary to add the contact area between the parts and the fixture or use axial clamping force. The most effective way to solve the clamping deformation is to increase the stiffness of the part. The increased contact area between the parts and the fixture helps to decrease the deformation of the parts during the clamping process.


Parts Deformation Caused by the Material and Structure of the Parts

The magnitude of the deformation is proportional to the shape complexity, aspect ratio and wall thickness, and proportional to the stiffness and stability of the material. Therefore, when designing parts, minimize the influence of these factor on the deformation of the parts. Especially the structure of large parts should be more reasonable. Before process, defect such as hardness and porosity should be strictly control to ensure the quality of the blank and reduce the deformation of the parts.

Part Deformation Caused during Machining

During the cutting process, the part is subjected to the cutting force to produce a knife phenomenon. This is an elastic deformation in the direction of the force. In order to solve this deformation problem, the tool can be improved, which can reduce the friction between the tool and the parts, improve the cooling capacity of the part during cutting, and reduce the internal stress of the part.


Parts Deformation Caused by Stress after CNC Machining

After machining, the part has a relatively balanced internal stress state. Although the shape of the part is relatively stable at this time, when some materials are removed and heat treatment is performed, the internal stress will change, so the balance of restoring force is required. In that case, it should be improved. It can be solved by heat treatment. Fold the parts to be straightened to a certain height, press the tooling into a flat state, and then put the tooling and parts into the heating furnace together. According to different parts materials, Choose from different heating temperatures and times. After thermal straightening, the internal structure of the parts can be kept stable. At this time, the parts not only has high straightness, but also eliminates work hardening, which is convenient for further finishing of parts.



For parts that are easily deformed during machining, corresponding improvement must be made in the blank and processing technology. The above point are the main reason that easily cause part deformation in machining. During personnel training, attention should be paid to let operator understand these main factor that cause parts deformation.

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