How to Choose A CNC Machining Shop More Accessibly?

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How to Choose A CNC Machining Shop More Accessibly

Though the advanced development of 3D printing, CNC machining is always the most cost-effective choice of rapid manufacturing, no matter for metal parts or plastic parts. For product developers or designers, choosing a right CNC machining shop could accessibly improve the product functions, or achieve the testing goal.

Why CNC Machining Shop?

Machining shop has been appeared for over a hundred years, the development is obvious at all. CNC machining comes to be the cutting edge of rapid manufacturing with high machining accuracy, high quality, high efficiency, and cost effective.

The operating posts of CNC machinists have been divided into specific demands, from CNC programming to CNC processing, they should be technical training, capable for problem solving, attentive and patient to perform under the strict work surrounding.

CNC Machining Shop

Here at SANWO, teams of CNC department carry out 100% professions operating every single detail to satisfy customer’s demand. Including metal or plastic parts, low volume or mass production that needed, SANWO will always provide the high matching manufacturing solutions to all customers.

Fully Functional CNC Machine Equipment

CNC Milling -Milling machine is a subtractive manufacturing equipment that uses 3-axis milling and 5-axis indexed milling processes of cutting solid metal or plastic materials into final parts. Milling is a machining process that employing computer programming control and rotating multi-point cutting tools progressively. This process is capable to machine a wide range of materials, for example, metal, plastic, glass and wood, also can produce a various of custom parts and products.

CNC Machine Equipment

CNC Turning- CNC lathe or turning is a manufacturing process that involves the blocks of material in chuck and rotate them while feeding a tool to the work piece to remove material until the desired shape is achieved. All of the working processes can be completed from one side if the CNC turning center has only one turret, but some turning centers have main spindle and sub-spindle for even faster operation. The CNC turning operations could certainly make it an ideal process for large production runs with short lead time.

CNC Bending -Known as sheet metal bending, CNC bending is the operation that allows folding or reshapes the flat metal parts with great accuracy to obtain the required part geometry.

Grinding-A CNC grinding machine is a precision performance tool that uses a rotating wheel to cut materials from metal. As the grinding wheel turns, it cuts material off the work piece while creating a smooth surface texture in the process.

Drill Press- A drill press is a tool for making hole in hard materials, it goes far beyond the handled drills in terms of power and precision. Drilling at an angle, or achieving the utmost in accuracy, drill presses are the best choices of tool.

EDM Sparking-EDM, also known as sparking machining, is a metal fabrication process to obtain a desired shape by using electrical discharges (sparks). Material is removed from the work piece by a series of rapid recurring current discharges between two electrode, being separated by a dielectric liquid and subject to an electric voltage.

 CNC Machine Equipment

Multi-Choice CNC Machining Materials

Almost all materials can be used in CNC machining, and it all depends on the actual applications. Knowing your material options for CNC machining could make your project more with less. In CNC machining, engineering-grade materials are always popular and are suitable for applications in various industries. Among metals, aluminum, brass, copper, magnesium, stainless steel, steel alloy, steel mild low carbon, titanium. For Plastics, ABS, HDPE, PA, PC, PEEK, PEI, PMMA, POM, PP, PPS, PVC.

CNC Machine Equipment

Choose SANWO for CNC Machining

Are you looking for a reliable, fast-turnaround CNC machining shop supplier of machined metal and plastic parts or manufacturing production? With multi-axis of CNC machines, SANWO is capable of low volume production and mass manufacturing. In-house and one-stop machining shop ensures your order to be shipped on time with the needed accuracy and quality.

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