3D Printing Technology

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How the 3D Printing Manufacturing Technology Become popular?

3D Printing in Rapid Manufacture is a evolution technology in Global Sustainability, as a reliable and affordable process, 3D printing is becoming strong influence on a number of industries such as aerospace and defence area, Medical components, tooling , consumer products, fashions and even Architecture. The various 3D printing technologies in variety of material will take a company’s manufacturing and production capabilities to the next level.

3D Printing Manufacturing

The ability of 3D printing to quickly and accurately produce and reproduce a model directly from computer data makes it an ideal alternative process for production low volume to volume quantities production, the material of 3D printing is in light weight no matter it is from plastic , metal or other kind of materials. With the dimension of the 3D printer, product is allowed to make in any possible Dimensions.

3D Printing Manufacturing

The Development of 3D printing Technology

In the US and Europe, 3D printing technology Research and development,popularization and application is in a leading position, Australia had complete the Metal 3D printing technology route in 2013, South Africa is supporting the big 3D printing machine developing, Japan is promoting the application of 3D printing and China is using 3D printing Technology for the new product development in rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing. Sanwo rapid manufacturing company is provide the 3D printing service in Auto Industry, aerospace industry, medical industry and defence industry.

3D printing Technology

What is the advantage of the 3D printing?

First of all, 3D printing as an additive manufacturing process is capable to produce the un-manufactured part that conventional process not able reach. In the Pass time, conventional manufacturing are either subtraction process that reduce material from the part in multi-dimesions or in a mold to casting and get the part whether in plastic or metal, but these process are hard to manufacture a complicate parts, equally, 3-Dimension Printing is in great advantage for those complicate parts.

Secondly, the part forming from 3D Printing requires very less subsidiary post finish, and it is fast to get a final part from the start through to the Stop with out any prepare process needed. This is an very effective way for one prototype making, small batch production manufacturing and material wasting. 3D printing is indeed an advantage process for New product developing. Sanwo Rapid is aim to provide customer the fastest and cost effective 3D printing process in different material and finish.

3D Printing

What type of 3D printing of 3D Printing Does Sanwo Provide?

Sanwo 3D printing according to different material there are 3 main types:

3D printing-white/Black /Clear Resin and soft Plastic TPU/PLA

SLA- photosensitive resin ABS like

SLS- black/white PA12 powder, ceramic powder and metal powder like Aluminum, stainless steel and Titanium.

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