Common Problems & Improvement Methods During CNC Machining Process (V2)

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This article is a continued version to make descriptions about the common problems and improvement methods. In the periods of CNC machining processes, speed, feed, and depth, these three factors of the machining tool really affect so far.

cnc machining

1.Cutting Edge Brust Cracking

Caused Reason


Feeding too fast.

Slow down to suitable feed rate.

Loose the clamp of tool and workpiece.

Clamp them tough.

Insufficient rigidity of the tool.

Use the shortest allowable tool, clamp the shank deeper, and try smooth milling.

Cutting edge of the tool is too sharp.

Change the fragile cutting edge angle.

Insufficient rigidity of the machine and toolholder.

Choose and use a rigid machine and toolholder.

2.Wear and Tear

Caused Reason


Machine speed is too fast.

Slow down, and add enough coolant.

Hardening materials.

Use advanced tools, tool materials, increase surface treatment.

Mill adhesion

Change the feed rate, milling size or clean the mills with cooling oil or air gun.

Improper or too low feed rate.

Increase the feed speed, and try down milling.

Cutting angle is not suitable.

Change to the proper right cutting angle.

The primary back angle of the tool is too small.

Change to a larger back angle.

3.Vibration Pattern

Caused Reason


Feed and cutting speed is too fast.

Correct feed and cutting speed.

Insufficient rigidity of the machine tool and toolholder.

Use better machine tools and toolholders, or change cutting condition.

Rear angle is too large.

Change to small back angle, machine the edge band, sharpening the edge once with an oil stone.

Loose clamping

Clamp the workpiece toughly


The internal relationships among the three factors of speed, feed, and depth of cutting is the most important factor in determining the machining effects. Unsuitable speeds and feeds often lead to lower production, poor workpiece quality, and unpredictable tool damage.

Considering about speeds and feeds, the following tips should have help a lot during the period of CNC machining processes.

cnc machiningUsing low speed ranges for

High hardness materials;

Flexible materials;

Materials that difficult to mill;

Minimal tool wear;

Longest tool using time.

Using high speed ranges for

Soft materials;

Better surface quality;

Smaller tool outside diameter;

Light cutting;

Brittle workpieces;

Manual operation;

Maximum machining efficiency;

Non-metallic materials.

cnc machiningUsing high feeds ranges for

Heavy, rough cutting;

Steel construction;

Easy to machine materials;

Roughing tools;

Flat cutting;

Low tensile strength materials;

Coarse tooth milling cutter.

Using low feeds ranges for

Light machining, fine cutting;

Brittle structures;

Difficult to machine materials;

Fine tools;

Deep vertical groove machining;

High tensile strength materials;

Finishing tools.

The total common problems and improvement methods about CNC machining processing are concluded above. Sanwo, a rapid manufacturing company, focuses on dealing with the problems and continuing to improving the operations in periods of CNC machining processing. Want to know more information about Sanwo? or discuss your new project with us, just take action now.

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