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Sanwo Rapid Manufacturing Co.,Limited is a rapid prototype and rapid manufacturing company Located in Shenzhen, China, covering more than 6000 Square Meters with a Rapid prototype factory, a mass production factory and a post finish factory. We are professional in providing all kinds of rapid prototype and rapid manufacturing services. We are your processor on one-stop service from your design verification to mass production. Recently, we got some quotes of china rapid prototype machining from clients, below are the details:

1. Buenas tarde, quisiera pedir un presupuesto para un prototipo de escultura de un animal 15x10x10 cm de un milodon, la idea es fresar en madera en una router cnc cama plana, para obtener mejores detalles interiores quizás pueda trabajarse por capas para luego unir con pegamento. Muchas gracias

2. Please see attached files for quotation. I am looking for 200 pieces. The items need to be ABS, colour does not matter.

3. Hello, I would like to know if your company can make an air purifier prototype for my requirement as per my design. There will be some designing required on your side too due to electronic and other parts.

4. Good afternoon, my business partner are looking to build a EV motor/engine with particular request as the size based on the vehicle size and the way the motor should work in term of maximum speed and working way. would be this something you can help us with? Thank you very much for your time. Kind Regards

5. Hi, I need this items of black TPU, 50x. I would like to know the cost for this items? Thank you!

6. Hello, Can you help me? I run a small business and require an ongoing supply of these caps as per the included file. I use around 40 to 50 per month of these. They require dimensional accuracy. If they can be produced and shipped to me cost effectively, I will order a small number for initial appraisal. I look forward to your reply. Kind regards 

7. Hello, we had this idea of creating plastic products thats serves in our industry. In the attached file we sent you an example of the product we are intended to ask your, and see what technologies can we use for this product to become more durable, fire and heat resistant, shock resistant.

8. Hello, I am looking for an offshore partner to work with me on a prototype dollhouse kit and then cut in bulk. I have design in DXF format, need it cut in 3/8 MDF and 1/4 MDF, no surface finish. Would be interested in full service packaging as well. Please let me know if you provide this service and who I could work with. Thank you 

9. Hello I am wondering how the the design attached will cost to be produced in plastic and in metal. Thank you. 

10. Dear sirs This is one of several thermoformed parts that we need to make. We'd like to evaluate making 100 of each. Let's start quoting one and see if that makes enough sense to later add the rest and make more. Thanks

11. Good evening, I would like to have a quotation for a prototype with just a material. Are you also able to give me a shipping cost? thank you

12. I need an acrylic doorknob manufactured. Please review the pictures and let me know if you can accommodate. Thank you

13. Hello, I would like to get a quote for the attached items. Please include pricing and moq. The materials used can be HDPE or PP (polypropylene). Thank you

14. I am writing to request a quotation for custom-made rubber bushes. Quantity: 3,000 units per month. I kindly ask you to provide the following information in your quotation: Unit Price. Lead Time for the first batch and subsequent orders. Shipping Costs (if applicable). Payment Terms. Warranty or Quality Assurance details. We are eager to establish a long-term business relationship and would appreciate a prompt response. If there are any additional details or specifications you need, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for your time and consideration. Warm regards

15. Hi , i have 4 files similar to the one attached i would like a price on getting made please. i would need duplicates of each, so 8 pieces in total. these are to go in the interior of a car so possibly made out of an ABS ? or similar. Thank you

16. Hi, We need 20 units of each of the two files included in the archive. We need the top part to be as transparent as possible. For the bottom part transparency is not required. Can you suggest process options and related pricings please? as well as delivery delay. Best regards

17. Hello, We need 1500 parts that are color black, 60 shore A hardness rubber like material. Is it possible for you to make it happen? Thank you

18. This is a gear stick plastic surround out of my car i am trying to replicate. I want to make 100-200 of these.

19. Hello! Hope this message finds you well. Reaching out in regards to 2 plastic components we require manufactured quickly for our line of keyboards launching this year. Look forward to working with you and for your quote! Thanks.

20. I'd like to get a quote for a prototype of a silicone bracelet I've designed.

21. We are requesting quote for 6061-T6 as well as 7075-T6 for quantity of 25 as well as 100, Thank you 

22. Plain (yellow) or natural (beige) color ABS plastic, as machined finish, quantity 1 

23. Hello, I just wanted to know how much it would cost to make a prototype of the product I have attached? Thank you

We have the most advanced rapid prototype technology and equipment, sophisticated management and Maintain system, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, experienced engineers and skillful workers, Innovation initiative and efficient service. At Sanwo Rapid manufacturing, we set the quality of the product foremost and we take customer service as our soul and core. You are welcome to contact us:

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