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Sanwo Rapid Manufacturing high accurate aluminium prototyping capabilities enable us to produce the design models for customer in fast turn around, high quality and low cost. Recently, we got some quotes of aluminium prototype from United States clients, below are the details:

1. Aluminum 6061; Quantity: 2; Process: CNC; Surface finish: T6 / As machined. I have a lot of small quantity parts that need to be CNC machined similar to the one provided.

2. please quote the metal sheet process and the time line. Thanks. 1) material: aluminum or stainless steel. 2) 3 pieces. 3) M4-0.7 rivet nuts

3. We require this prototype to be made in 3 separate materials: 1) 6061 Aluminium. 2) Poly Carbonate. 3) Wood. We require 6 parts made of of each material. A parts drawing is attached. The image on the right shows the actual part required and has a thickness of 3.8 cm (38 mm). Please ignore the template on the right.

Aluminium Prototype

4. Hello I'm contacting to see what kind of services your company provides and a quote for those services. I am currently trying to create my own company from the ground up and need someone with the machines and skills I don't have to build my products. My company will be mainly designing and selling gelball /airsoft cosmetic and decorative parts. my first question is if you are able to make parts for the sport? The second question is how much per money unit would it cost to have a 50mm wide by 400mm long (50x400mm) tube of aluminum CNC machined? After I receive a quote I will email my updated designs to be aluminum CNC machined, because all my designs currently, are 3d print models. I will sent a copy of the file to give a rough idea as to what kind of thing a want. My first order will be about 10 to 20 units, to get a start and will increase after those have been sold. As I have stated before, I would like the parts made from aluminum. I would like the surface finish of the product to be clean and ready for powder coat painting. If you are able to email me back that would be fantastic. Sincerely

We design fast direct CNC machining for aluminum prototypes and design tool geometry, fixture jigs and locating parts for short run Aluminum machining productions to ensure the quick set up and consistent dimensions. You are welcome to contact us:

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