Choose Vacuum Casting for Your Parts in Small Volume

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When you need to make prototypes for functional testing, engineering testing, product development, as display models and for marketing and crowdfunding campaigns, vacuum casting maybe a good choice for your projects.


Vacuum casting is a effective method for making high-quality rapid prototypes and end-use parts in low volumes, let's talk about the advantages of it.


SanwoRapid usually produces master pattern by 3D printing or CNC machining first. We also test those parts and make minor adjustments to ensure a clean, tight appearance.


Then we will put patterns in a casting box and get it filled with liquid silicone.The silicone would be solidfield after several hours in oven. Workers can take the casting box apart then.


The workers should open the mold carefully and patiently, to get an empty cavity.


If we want to get copies, then we need to pour liquid urethane resin into the mold again and put the mold into a vacuum chamber.


Draw air out of the cavity is an important step, which can remove the bubbles while forcing resin into the entire volume of space. The mold can be opened after several hours of heating. Finally, we get the copies. We can get 15-25 copies from one mold, generally.


Key Advantages of Vacuum Casting


Are you seeking for a process which is cost-effective, quick, versatile, with good quality?


For plastic parts, Vacuum casting is a flexible and effective method for making high-quality rapid prototypes and end-use parts in low volumes, and is considerably faster than other manufacturing processes.


1.  Cost-Effective. Vacuum casting is the most economical way to make high-quality replicas once the mold is made. Mold cost little, the saving money can be invested in further product development or alternate design iterations.


2. It could take a few weeks for steel tools, parts can be prepared and delivered in few days, depending on the size and quality of your parts.


3. If you want more options for surface appearance, urethanes of different types can be overmolded to create various surface textures and hardnesses in one unit. That means you can also get parts with nice functionality and great appearance.


4. About the quality, if we prepare the master patterns carefully, then the parts is excellent, and easily reproducing even very fine surface details from the original. It has almost the same appearance as the injection mold part does.


So, Is Vacuum Casting Right for You? Do you want to know if your project fit for vacuum casting?


With the wide array of benefits of vacuum casting for rapid prototypes, it might be wise to invest in a vacuum casting service. We have everything in-house to offer a great vacuum casting solution for rapid prototypes and end-use parts. With our experienced staff, finishing services and quality inspection, you’ll get production quality parts at a fraction of the production price. Just upload your CAD files now for a free quotation.

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